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Stay in front of qualified leads with easy‑to‑launch automated, personalized email campaigns.
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Maximum Contact. Minimal Effort.

How It Works

Enter qualified leads into your Funnelfly account and set communication goals for consistent engagement.


Funnelfly automatically communicates
with leads, offering the right, personalized email message at the right time.


Guide your leads through the customer journey along growth tracks toward conversion.

Why Funnelfly?

The Engagement is Automated. Our Partnership is Not.
Funnelfly is a marketing product made by startup founders for startups and small businesses. We’ve been there. Knowing your need to be more efficient, we created Funnelfly to work in parallel with everything else you’re doing to grow your business. 

Cut time. Not Corners.
Automating your marketing efforts with highquality, effective drip campaigns means you spend less time following up and more time getting down to business. 

Making the Personal Affordable.
With Funnelfly, your emails are sent from your personal account, allowing you to respond to each individual lead authentically, not artificially. Staying top-of-mind has never been easier or more costeffective. 

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Reach Out. And Reach Your Goals.

How Funnelfly is different.

Email Marketing Automation

Funnelfly sends the right follow-up message to your leads and customers automatically. The heavy lifting of continuous engagement has never been easier.


Variables allow you to personalize the copy sent to your leads. By setting these, you can tailor your messages. It’s a simple way to build brand awareness by highlighting your company in your email copy.

Growth Tracks

Growth Tracks is the intuitive process of engaging with leads using the right message at the right time. As leads reach specific goals or milestones, you respond accordingly in order to move them along the customer journey. The automatic, high-impact email sent from your Gmail is how you keep the conversation going with relevant communication.

Task Management Automation

Funnelfly enables you to add specific Task Reminders along a Growth Track sequence. Now you can bring that special touch—online or offline—to your sales cycle, such as sending a LinkedIn message on day 62 or making a phone call on day 21 post sale.

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Try it for FREE. No credit card required to get going.