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Sales Automation.

Exactly what your startup needs to consistently communicate with your leads and convert them to paying customers. Close more deals with Funnelfly's sales automation and sales management platform.
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Automation That Fits Your Business

Automate your communication with leads and customers throughout their journey with Growth Tracks.

  • Grow faster with our pre-written sales email templates designed for maximum conversion
  • Hit your customers with the right message at the right time with Suggested Timing, included in all Growth Track templates
  • All of your sales and marketing controls in one place - manage leads, marketing campaigns, and convert sales

Automated Growth Tracks

Growth tracks are sequences of automated messages and sales tasks designed to convert leads to paid users faster and easier.

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The Sales Funnel, Simplified

Build a sales funnel that works for each of your leads and customers. Our Sales Pipelines help you understand exactly what actions your customers have taken - and what’s coming next.

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Simple to Use

The benefits of an expensive sales automation platform without months of implementation and help from outside consultants or dedicated administrators. Funnelfly requires minutes to set up and launch for non-technical marketers.

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